We are an independent, not-for-profit and Africa-based think-tank and consultancy - committed to research, insights and thought-leadership on the Continent’s politics, economy, democracy, diplomacy and security.

We engage governments, the private sector and civil society in open debate and private discussions on some of the most significant developments in African affairs.

 An open forum bringing together knowledgeable and influential panelists and audiences from government, business, academia and civil society to stimulate fresh thinking, generate new ideas and find solutions to the complex issues and risks facing Africa.

 We conduct independent and commissioned polls and surveys; producing analysis and insights, and hosting confidential briefings, on outcomes.

Strategic Partners

IGD is an independent South African-based foreign policy think-tank dedicated to the analysis of, and dialogue on the evolving international political and economic environment and the role of Africa and South Africa. It advances a balanced, relevant and policy-oriented analysis, debate and documentation of South Africa’s role in international relations and diplomacy. IGD is associated with the University of South Africa (UNISA). (www.igd.org.za)

The APRM is an instrument voluntarily acceded to by African Union member states meant to function as an African self-monitoring mechanism across four (4) primary thematic areas: Democracy & Good Political Governance; Economic Governance & Management; Socio-Economic Development; and Corporate Governance. APRM’s primary purpose is to foster the adoption of appropriate laws, policies, standards and practices that lead to political stability, high economic growth, sustainable development, and accelerated sub-regional and continental economic integration. (www.aprm-au.org)






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